I don't fry foods because I am afraid of the hot oil, do you have any tips for frying that I could use that would be safer then burning down my house or me?  Help?

Debbie from Kansas City

Hi Debbie; Smart fry rules: (1) Do not overfill your fry vessel with oil. For deep frying, the oil level in your pot or skillet should never go above one-third; particularly when you are cooking on a gas range; the oil level will expand during the frying process. (2) Do not fry at temperatures that are too high. (3) Do not drop your food into the oil, it will splatter. Lay it down gently or use long tongs to place your food into the fryer. (4) Hot oil and water do not mix. Allow your food to drain properly before you fry it. Follow these simple rules and you will become confident and adept at frying.