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Soul Food Cookbook by Chef Emanuel Washington

Here's why this is the "BEST SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK" ever written


  • To cook Traditional and Contemporary Soul Food dishes that are the 'Absolute Best in Class' bar-none
  • Why it is important to school the 'Hip Hop' Generation

Gain knowledge about the

  • Superior Health Benefits of Soul Food and why 'Soul Food' may well be the Healthiest Food on the Planet
  • Rich History and Culture of America and America's Food (Soul Food)


  • The most comprehensive definition of Soul Food in print
  • The many Myths and Falsehoods about Soul Food
  • Which Foods are 'Best' for lowering your Cholesterol Levels
  • What constitutes Soul Food dishes
  • The Best Barbequing and Frying TIPS from the expert

Find out

  • Why American Food is better than all the rest
  • How Soul Food has influenced Foods, Cultures, Cooking Styles and Techniques from around the World
  • The Truth about Southern Food, Comfort Food and Country Cooking
  • How to manage your own 'Calorie Intake Levels' by simply using my Tables
  • How to Live Healthier Lifestyles by learning to identify 'Trans Fat Laden Foods'