About Chef Emanuel – The Ambassador of Soul Food

As an eminent 'Windy City' favorite son, my reputation, as one of the best "Hooper's" in the City of Chicago during my reign, is well known and well respected by many. Just about every NBA player that hails from Chicago will authenticate my athletic endowment as well as my shoe size. Many had an opportunity to see my shoe size up close and personal while I wrecked the rim. Just kidding! No I'm serious. I dished out a lot of punishment on the basketball courts of Chicago and all across America in my day.

I now do my damage in the kitchen by using the same principles, techniques and drive that made me successful on the basketball court, (peak their game, Identify their weaknesses, Exploit them, conquer them and destroy them to the point that they will never want to play defense on me ever again).

Little has changed in this regard. My life strategy remains constant. Today the mission is colossal! My mission is to educate America and the World about the rich and unquestionable History of American Culture and America's Food (Soul Food).

I have been cooking Soul Food since I was knee-hi to a grasshopper. I was taught the finer points of Life, History, Culture and Real Soul Food by the best, my Grandmother. We all called her 'Mother' or 'Big Mama'. Church Folk in the City of Chicago knew her as Mother Alice Hughes or Pastor Hughes. She fully understood the Historical significance of the transfer of History and Culture and was a Master at teaching it. I come from a long line of excellent cooks. Culinary superiority in the Washington family dates back several generations in the Americas. I am the youngest brother of three and have two younger sisters.

I proudly boast that both of my older brothers and one of my sisters are incredible cooks. I also despondently admit that I don't know what happened to my 'Baby Sista'. I always tell her that "she will burn a sandwich". I don't know what happened to that Woman. I wish I could fix her DNA. Those that know the 'Washington Clan' have always said that "those 'Washington Men' sho can cook". This affectionate veneration is beyond question directly attributed to The Washington Family lineage. Sometimes it is just in the DNA.

I guess four out of five ain't so bad. If you know anything about Chicago restaurants; you will know that Chicago has some of the best food in the world". Growing up surrounded by the best cooks in the neighborhood and some of the best restaurants in the world was easy on the palate. This is the how, when and why I to fell in love with food.

I fully embrace my tremendous culinary lineage, and am destined and determined to take Soul Food to the next level and beyond. As a seasoned professional Chef, I have kicked culinary butt in the top restaurant markets in America, including Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Florida.

I was formerly the Executive Chef and Food Service Director at 'The Department of Defense Analysis', near our Nations Capitol. I am the founder and owner of a culinary school in South Florida as well as a Food Historian. I have studied American Food History and the 'Soul Food' discipline for decades.

I am proud and honored to have an opportunity to disseminate the True History and preparation of Traditional and Contemporary American Food. It is not only my area of expertise; it is my preference, my gift, as well as my life's passion. My perpetual thesis is of historical providence.

I still believe in serving up punishment to anyone between me and the basket, but Today, Soul Food is my 'Slam Dunk'. Today, I dish out retribution in the kitchen; by hand crafting some of the Best Soul Food you will find anywhere. Every single one of my dishes is not only Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious; they are slow cooked in Real American History and Culture.

Histories compelling testimony will serve to educate the World about the creative brilliance of Real American Food and to reposition 'Soul Food' to its just place as the dominant influence and the undisputed 'King of World Foods'.

The game is on the line and I'm in it to win it!

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